Helms Trucking Logo & Brand IDentity Design

Helms Trucking Limited is a transportation and logistics company that specializes in hauling heavy and oversized cargo. They approached our design agency to create a new logo and brand identity that would help them stand out in the competitive trucking industry.

Our team worked closely with the client to understand their business and target audience. We conducted thorough research and analysis of the industry, competitors, and target market. Based on this research, we developed a series of design concepts that reflected the company's values and strengths.

After presenting the concepts to the client and incorporating their feedback, we arrived at a final design that was both unique and powerful. The new logo features a bold and iconic symbol that represents the company's expertise in hauling heavy and oversized cargo. The color palette, typography, and imagery were carefully chosen to create a consistent and professional brand identity.

The result was a strong and memorable brand that effectively communicates the company's capabilities and expertise. The new logo and brand identity have helped Helms Trucking Limited to increase its brand awareness and credibility in the industry.